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Overview aspires to be the most intuitive and affordable DIY website builder. Their software is in fact feature rich and easy-to-use. In fact, they provide so many customisation tools that they claim users have over 9000 design possibilities at their fingertips. Include nearly any ad-on you can think of including customised greeting cards, photo albums, and an online store with up to 240 products. With so many bells and whistles, SiteCube’s edge is pure value, with surprisingly low prices.


Feature List


Website Design FeaturesPublishing Features
Easy-to-Use Unique Web DesignerExtra Space
Hundreds of TemplatesFree Domain Name
Fully CustomisableProfessional Hosting
Add Your Own Videos and MP3'sPayPal Integration
Integrated Search Engine Submission ServicesFree Trial Offer

Website Building Features

Building your own site has never been easier. Start by choosing the type of site you would like. Then, choose amongst hundreds of templates and themes, all separated in categories for easy searching and sorting. The design interface is very unique, showing you which step in the numbered process you are currently working on. Another excellent feature is that if you need to make changes in the future, you can do so without having to redo anyone of your content. Many other services require ALL of the content to be redone.

Speaking of content, everything can be fully customised. This includes simple things like changing the size and font of your text, adding different colors or themes to the site, and more. You are also able to choose any image you like from a huge gallery. But, SiteCube does not stop there. In fact, this is possibly the only site builder our reviewers have ever seen which allows members to actually upload their own videos and even MP3's to be included on their site. This is a really fantastic option and it makes you look a lot more professional than some other business which just sloppily embedded something from YouTube.

Additional Features

You will appreciate additional features which Site Cube has in store for you as well. To begin with, you will receive a free domain name and professional hosting. There are options to choose extra storage space and extra bandwidth as you site becomes more popular and you need to expand. Also included is free search engine submission to the major engines; a great way to make sure that your site is visible and gets off to a great start.

If you are ready to actually start selling, SC has you covered! You can integrate with PayPal, allowing you the ability to easily take orders right from the site. List and sell a number of different products (varies with plan).

Pricing Concerns

The 10-day free trial is a great option to test out the waters and build a basic site. Once you are ready to upgrade, there are several options available. The Lite version allows you to create a 5-paged site, with music and 5GB of bandwidth. The other premium plans are priced between £3.75 and £9.50 per month.

Each of these options will be effective. Which one you choose depends upon your specific needs. For example, a business which is interested in selling 200 different products and using video and music to sell their wares would be best served with the top package.

Customer Support & Service

To provide support, offers their customers a number of different options. Starting with the really modern looking frequently asked questions page, you are certain to find the answer to all of your general queries. For those of you with more pressing issues there is live chat available during extended business hours.

As we were testing the site, our reviewers found the live chat service to be quite helpful and splendid, really. The staff was very pleasant and seemed eager to help. All of their answers proved that this company trains them well, since they were all correct and accurate.

We also were pleased with the email support that was received. Replies to our inquiries averaged just a few hours. The answers were all accurate and helpful. Also, for customers choosing the top two plans, you will receive toll free phone support. Given the rest of the support options, this should be equally as pleasant, helpful and responsive.



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