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1&1 Website Builders Review

1&1 is a popular worldwide web hosting company that offers many website solutions including domain name services, web hosting, servers, and a website builder. It boasts a "fast, easy, complete" website builder rated 5 stars by The Telegraph. 1&1 has attracted over 19 million customers from novices to experienced users. It has partnered with big names including Microsoft, Google, and Plesk and enjoys a wide customer base in Europe and the United States. Their online image editor, hundreds of free widgets, newsletter tool and SSL certificate for data protection make it worth your time to check it out.

As one of the largest web hosting companies in the world, 1&1 is also a leader in environmentalism, recently moving towards green hosting solutions.

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Feature List

Website Design FeaturesPublishing Features
Access to more than 20 million imagesResponsive design for all screens
Simple drag-and-drop editor200 personalised email addresses
Highly customisableStatistic tools
Online image editorSynchronisation with social networks
Hundreds of interactive free widgetsSSL certificate for data protection

Website Building Features

1&1 boasts a website editor that is both easy to use and full of features. To start, it provides a dense selection of sector-specific templates, which makes choosing one a hassle-free process. Then the actual editing process: 1&1 offers drag-and-drop editing, so arranging the site layout is easily accomplishable in a few clicks. Advanced users can customise their layout with HTML or CSS. In addition, you can add photo and video widgets and social media connections. All features are accessible from the control panel, which serves as the central point from where all changes are made.

Additional Features

Besides its website building features, 1&1 provides many tools for running a successful website. It comes with domain hosting and email addresses. The visitor counter and analysis tool help you keep track of visitors, and mobile capabilities make your site accessible to customers on the go. For keeping in touch with your site visitors, 1&1 offers a guestbook, event calendar, and newsletter tool. The Premium package also has ecommerce capabilities including online store, product catalogue, and online payment. Finally, for Plus and Premium subscribers, 1&1 offers top-of-the-line SEO tools to increase your website's visibility on the internet. 

Pricing Concerns

1&1 offers four packages: Personal, Basic, Plus, and Premium. All four packages include a 30-day free trial.

The Personal package includes a free domain name, 200 mobile-optimised design templates, and other essential tools for establishing your online presence.

The Basic Package includes 10,000 high-quality design templates for your business website, access to over 20 million professional images, and social media integration.

The Plus package includes SEO Pro tools to help you achieve higher search engine rankings. It also includes a professional newsletter tool and other useful online marketing features like Facebook synchronisation. The Plus package is 1&1's best-selling package.

The Premium package includes an e-shop that lets you sell up to 1,000 products and accept credit cards and other payment methods. Moreover, it offers all of the Personal, Basic, and Plus features and includes a bonus £40 PayPal voucher and £50 Bing Ads credit.

Pricing Menu:

Each of the four plans comes with two pricing options. By default, 1&1 opts customers into the 12-month contract, but customers are free to forgo the contract in favour of a month-to-month plan. Just note that the month-to-month plan costs a bit more. For customers who choose the contract plan, the term period begins at the end of the 30-day free trial.

Here’s a breakdown of the price differences:

Month to Month€8.99/mo€11.99/mo€22.99/mo€34.99/mo
12-Month Contract€6.99/mo€9.99/mo€19.99/mo€29.99/mo


Customer Support and Service

1&1 offers website builder support via phone and email that is available 24/7. Unfortunately, their phone support is slightly lacking in terms of accessibility (long hold times) and accuracy of responses. It also takes a while for them to reply to email inquiries. However, the site makes up for it with a comprehensive self-service help section, which includes informative FAQs, helpful tutorials, and user forums. The help section is also searchable, meaning that most users can find a complete solution quickly without even needing to contact customer service.

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