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Volusion.com has once again brought an incredible web building solution to their customers. The new site builder allows anyone interested in building an internet storefront to do so easily and quickly. Additionally, everything one needs to successfully set up shop, manage inventory and even promote their business is here in one place.

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The whole thing is set up with you in mind. Everything is designed for total integration with a number of different shopping carts, stores and payment processing options. There are even options which allow customers to easily and quickly promote their business using facebook and other social media tools.

Feature List


Website Design Features Publishing Features
WebSite Design Features Publishing Features
Easy-to-use Product Designer Full Integration (store, cart, other apps)
Hundreds of Searchable Site Templates Extra Space
Custom Website Design Promote w/ Social Networking Tools
Easy Content Management Professional Web Hosting
Flash Animation and Videos 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Website Building Features

The 300+ templates offered by Volusion.com make it very easy to get started building your new website. These are categorized according to industry, along with several generic ones. All of them can be easily customized in terms of color scheme, look and design to create the perfect set-up for your business.

Adding your own products is also a simple matter. Just point and click, and then supply the description along with photos. You also have the option to automatically re-size and adjust any pictures which are added. Our reviewers also loved the ability to add videos and use flash animation.

Additional Features

The best thing about Volusion may indeed be the level of integration which can be accomplished. The site builder will work together quite easily with a number of popular storefronts, shopping carts and payment processors. You can even connect your QuickBooks software, making inventory management, payment collection and order processing almost entirely hands-free processes.

Additional tools allow customers to include an unlimited number of products, add extra space to their accounts and even easily promote their business through facebook and other social networking sites. Don't forget to take advantage of the free 14-day trial and 24/7 support.

Pricing Concerns

There are four different pricing plans to choose from with Volusion. They all offer essentially the same services, with the main differences being the amount space allowed and the number of products which your online store will hold. The following table summarizes the various plan options.


Steel Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
100 Products 500 Products 1000 Products 5000 Products Unlimited
1GB Data 3GB Data 5GB Data 15GB Data 20GB Data
$19/mo. $39/mo. $59/mo. $99/mo. $149/mo.


Every plan offers a number of additional services, including no set up fees, no transaction fees, 24/7 support and the ability to engage in mobile commerce.

Customer Support & Service

Volusion offers customers some excellent support options. First, every paid customer is given access to their 24/7 support team. They can help you with any kind of technical issue or problem that you may encounter. Of course, everything is laid out so nicely and explained with very clear and detailed instructions that you are unlikely to have such an issue. Nevertheless, it is nice to know it is here. There is also an option to engage in live chat. This is really cool, knowing that help is only a click away! The support team is knowledgeable and speaks English!

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